Posted on 23-Dec-2018

MetroConf Kingdom Hall Conferencing

MP3 streaming provides superior sound quality and buffering which makes it ideal for Kingdom Halls that have less stable Internet connections or those that generally want to improve their sound quality. Therefore, a method of sending audio is available using IceCast (ShoutCast equivalent) technology. Kingdom Halls wanting to use this method of sending audio can send a Support Request. They will receive a test package and a customer support representative will follow up with further instructions to help transition to the new transmission software. The computer at the sound desk must have audio coming into the computer (for recording and streaming). The USB adapter recommended by the LDC is the Behringer U-Control Uca222. This USB device is fully compatible with MetroConf audio streaming. If your computer has a "Line In" jack then alternatively you may be able to use this jack if you do not already have a Behringer device. Additional setup information is also available on the website.
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