Posted on May 17, 2019

MetroConf Kingdom Hall Conferencing

All MetroConf customers can take advantage of the $10 per month VoIP phone service and have their existing phone numbers transferred (ported) to VoIP (if porting is available in your area). The VoIP lines include all of the standard phone line features, including 3-way calling, call-waiting, call display, and multi-mailbox voicemail with automatic forwarding to email. Most Kingdom Halls can transfer their phone numbers to VoIP, but a small number of Kingdom Halls in rural areas may not be able to transfer their existing phone numbers, because these numbers are maintained by rural central offices. If your phone number cannot be transferred to VoIP, you have the option of obtaining a new toll free number for the same low price ($10 per month). This toll-free number will allow you to make and receive calls in the USA and Canada free of charge*
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