Posted on Nov 19, 2018

MetroConf Kingdom Hall Conferencing

Kingdom Hall Video Services

Nov 19, 2018 – Nov 26, 2018
Recently, new Sign Language congregations have been formed. Also, video content has become increasingly common during our meetings. This poses additional challenges for friends at home, who may be able to download some of the content, but due to age and other limitations may find it difficult to do so. MetroConf Video Streaming makes it easy for friends at home to follow the meeting exactly in the same way as if they were present in the auditorium. Simple, cost-effective video streaming capabilities are now available. Kingdom Halls are able to stream video to the friends at home without needing to purchase expensive new equipment. Kingdom Halls wanting to send only the videos being watched (and high-quality audio, without pointing a camera at the stage) can use Open Broadcaster Software, available at Please complete a support request for more information about how to use this software. The following tutorial explains how to capture the extended display so that the friends at home can follow along and watch the same videos that are being watched in the Kingdom Hall auditorium. Please watch the following video tutorial. Kingdom Halls having high-end camera equipment mounted in the ceiling or at the back of the auditorium can also tie in their video stream, but require an encoder that supports RTMP or a video card / USB connector to bring the video into the computer. If they already have video coming into their computer, they can use OBS software.
Valid Nov 19, 2018 – Nov 26, 2018
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